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Over 30,000 euros raised for Peru

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July 5th, 2017

Thanks to your contributions, through our 'Emergency fund for Peruan amazing amount of over 30,000 euros! Thank you for your support. Through our '100% for Peru' bar, direct donations and other actions you have organised, we can transfer this beautiful amount to the cooperative for the reconstruction of the Piura region. NorAndino for the reconstruction of the Piura region.

I missed it, what happened?
At the end of March, we sounded the alarm for Peru. Because while we were introducing our new Awajún 52% milk bar with cocoa from Peru, the country was hit by the worst storm in 20 years. The farmers' cooperative NorAndino, with which we have worked for years, was also badly affected. Persistent heavy flooding destroyed houses and plantations throughout the Piura region.

Emergency fund for Peru
Fortunately, the local authorities provide the first emergency aid (water, food and emergency shelter). Together with NorAndino Therefore, we are looking ahead and focusing on reconstruction. With the Chocolatemakers Emergency Fund, we have been raising money to restore the cocoa plantations and to give affected families a contribution to repair damaged homes and replace lost items.

1 Cocoa tree costs 1
In addition to your contributions, from the end of March until May we donated 1 euro to the emergency fund for every bar sold.

Current situation
The NorAndino cooperative has provided a total of $200,000 in emergency aid, of which we have contributed €30,000.

45000 families have been affected by the storm. Many people were then also felled by a dengue outbreak. Fortunately, this is now under control again and reconstruction is in full swing.

Recently, food, mosquito repellents, clothing, toiletries, cement and other building materials have been delivered. At the moment, work is being done to restore the plantation soils. The next step is to build irrigation systems, fermentation and drying centres.

We are looking forward again, but the people in Peru will carry the consequences of this enormous disaster with them for a long time to come. Fortunately, thanks to you, we were able to make a nice contribution to help them a little.

We will keep you informed!

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