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September 10th, 2021

Can you find the Golden Ticket in one of our chocolate bars? Then you win a free tour of our chocolate factory! Come and experience how we make chocolate from bean to bar!

In this unforgettable chocolate experience, you'll get to know everything about our fully sustainable chocolate chain, from the farmer to the bar. We will feel, smell and of course taste! Location: the Chocolatemakers factory in Radar Road 32a in Amsterdam.

This is how the Chocolatemakers Golden Ticket campaign works:

The Golden Tickets are hidden in Chocolatemakers' Awajún, Tres Hombres & Gorilla chocolate bars, available at various shops throughout the Netherlands. The tickets can be redeemed until July 2022 at chocolatemakers.nl/chocolatemakers-tour/tours/

Always wanted to see a real chocolate factory from the inside? Go and find it and go on a chocolate adventure!

The following shops are participating:

Landmarkt, Schellingwouderdijk 339, 1023 NK Amsterdam
Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje, Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 2, 1015 SC Amsterdam

Molletje - another world, Spanjelaan 7, 9403 DN Assen

Sjakie's Chocolate Museum, Vlasmarkt 51, Middelburg
Chocolate Lovers, Vlasmarkt 45, Middelburg

Care farm Hoogerlust, Weesperbinnenweg 7, 1398 PC Muiden

hotsoup.nl, Zuster Kortestraat 2, 9983 SX Roodeschool

Soin Total, Distelweide 109, 2272 VS Voorburg

Bon Bol Chocolade, Zigt 2, 1749 KG Warmenhuizen


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