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May 22nd, 2018

Choco Sails; dark milk chocolate with coffee and cocoa nibs

Can you resist the temptation and not eat this bag in one go?

The Choco Sails are thin slices of coffee chocolate sprinkled with strong cocoa nibs. Real, hand-picked Arabica coffee beans from Colombia are ground into the chocolate. The dark milk chocolate (52%) is made of Trinitario cocoa beans from the farmer's cooperative Conacado from the Dominican Republic. The organic coffee comes from CooAgroNevadaa women's coffee cooperative from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta nature reserve in Colombia and is grown at altitude (1600 metres).

The cocoa beans and coffee beans for these 'Choco owls' are brought from the Caribbean by the sailing ship the Tres Hombres The cocoa beans and coffee beans for these 'Chocozeiljes' are transported from the Caribbean by sailing ship and brought to the quay in Amsterdam. By eating this chocolate you support the Tres Hombres and choose for sustainable transport! Let the wind take you away and taste the power of real chocolate!

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