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Tres Hombres 75% with roasted cocoa nibs



August 28th, 2013

At the beginning of June, we made an appeal for help to unload the sailing ship Tres Hombres. This was not just a request, as there were 7 tonnes of cocoa beans and cocoa butter in the hold. And because not only the kilometres at sea count in sustainable transport, the cargo also had to be transported to the factory in a CO2-neutral way. With the help of your electric cars, carrier bicycles and even a shetland pony with a cart, the job was quickly done. You can see the photos here!


From this shipment of cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, we have extended our range with the Tres Hombres 75% bar. This pure version of the Tres Hombres 40% bar contains roasted cocoa nibs for an extra taste sensation. The nib is the part of the cocoa bean which remains when the shell is removed from the bean. Cacao in its pure form; for all dark chocolate lovers.

Have you already tasted this bar? 30 Cent of each bar goes to the maintenance of the Tres Hombres and thus supports this sustainable form of trade transport. If you buy the bar at one of our outlets in Amsterdam, it will also be delivered by carrier cycle! Yep tissum!

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