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Vegan Demeter chocolate from Amsterdam Chocolatemakers sets new standard for sustainability and taste

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October 5th, 2022

Amsterdam-based chocolate producer Chocolatemakers is introducing two new Demeter-certified bars, building on the sustainability of their range. The bars with biodynamic ingredients come in two flavors, a 70% dark and a vegan "milk" bar. Through continued innovation, Chocolatemakers is gaining a foothold on organic retail shelves and setting the standard for sustainability ever higher.

Taste and innovation

Although there are more and more organic products in supermarkets and organic chocolate is also gaining ground, the sector often still lacks innovations and lags behind especially on taste. Chocolatemakers has managed to change that. The best restaurants and pastry chefs from all over the Netherlands are using their chocolate because the taste in the category far exceeds it.

With the latest innovation, these chocolate makers are once again making themselves heard and attracting the attention of chocolate lovers. Two Demeter certified bars with cocoa from biodynamic farms in Brazil. A dark bar with 70% cocoa and sea salt, and a 48% vegan "milk" bar that manages to convince with a real chocolate taste and is barely distinguishable from ordinary milk chocolate. A necessary innovation for the vegan consumer, who often had to choose products with huge amounts of sugar and little real chocolate taste.

Biodynamic chocolate

For more than a decade, Chocolatemakers has been making organic chocolate. That two biodynamic varieties have now been added to the range is the next step in the company's ongoing sustainability efforts and in line with their vision.

"Chocolate should taste great. Organic cacao tastes many times better than conventional cacao, that has to do with the lack of harmful additives and the fact that farmers are paid better and can take their time drying and fermenting the cacao. Biodynamic goes even a step further than organic, with a strong focus on soil health. This contributes to the health of people and the planet, something we have always contributed to." - Chocolatemakers

Consumers are becoming more conscious and the need to make better choices for the body and the planet is becoming more apparent. Demeter could therefore report a 28% growth in sales last year compared to 2020.

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