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You probably already saw it passing by, a few weeks ago we introduced our new Gorilla Bar 92% Extra Dark! We received so many positive reactions!


Best extra dark bar ever tasted - Onno Kokmeijer - Ciel Bleu

Delicious... it has something creamy with a nice acidity - Janny van der Heijden

A wonderful blend of cocoa beans from Congo and palm sugar from Indonesia produces a unique taste experience! - Chocolatl

Soft, not bitter, really very tasty - crew of Vermeer

Probably your best bar ever. It is beautifully balanced, not bitter, with yellow fruit tones, like peach. - Zaans Done

Smooth taste, not bitter, nice flavour, very constant from start to finish - Chocriti

He is VERRICOLOUS! Handsome. Very refined taste. - Kolibrie Chocolaterie

I find it tasty and even creamy in texture and certainly not too bitter to eat.


The 92% is not only extra dark, it's also extra special. Read more about our Gorilla Bar 92% Extra Dark here

Product Information

The 'Gorilla bar' extra dark is made from Forastero cocoa beans from the Virunga National Park, Congo. The chocolate contains 92% cocoa solids, including 82% cocoa mass and 10% cocoa butter, 8% arenga forest sugar. All ingredients are from organic cultivation. The bar weighs 80 grams and is wrapped in greaseproof paper printed with organic ink. This chocolate is guaranteed not to contain (traces of) peanuts or nuts.


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