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Single Origin

To love somebunny!

Delicious creamy milk chocolate with toasted milk that tastes like cookies. Spring fever included!

Sailed chocolate!

Discover our Tres Hombres bars, with sailed cocoa from the Dominican Republic. With now two new flavours! Order the sailed package now.

Planet-Loving Deliciousness!

At Chocolatemakers, the taste of the bean is our focus. Everything we do revolves around creation of the best chocolate flavors. You can taste the sustainable and social choices we make. There is more time, attention and love in every step of the production process because we pay our farmers a fair price, work closely with them and in our factory in Amsterdam work on our chocolate recipes until every bar is perfect.

We like to talk about what we are doing in the field of sustainability and taste development. Read our story here.

About Chocolatemakers

Choco Packet! The most delicious package in the mailbox.

Our packages are real runners-up. You already know about our regular packages of mix, dark and milk that you can order separately or as a subscription. Now you can also put together your own package with our new pick and mix packages. For yourself or as a gift.

Our Choco boxes are also the tastiest and most sustainable way to say 'thank you' to your employees. Contact us for larger orders for your team or staff.


From bean to bar

From bean to bar, we are responsible for every step of the production process. We make real chocolate and do everything ourselves. How does that work? And why is that so important for people and nature? Read our story here.

Bean to bar

Popular products

Milk choco box (6 bars)

Nice gift, or just for yourself. This package contains 6 delicious and...

22,99 - available on subscription

Pick & Mix (12 bars)

Fill your chocolate packet with your favourite bars, also nice as a present.

42,99 - available on subscription

Pick & Mix (6 bars)

Fill your chocolate packet with your favourite bars, also nice as a present.

22,99 - available on subscription

What our customers say

Arjan Speelman & Onno Kokmeijer

The taste is the most important thing! But uniqueness is also important to us. The Chocolatemakers' chocolate is not always 100% the same. That gives it an edge. It remains a handmade product with a character.

Pascal Boot

Have you ever eaten such delicious chocolate? Feel good, taste good. Honest and delicious.

Christopher Naylor

At restaurant Vermeer, it's all about products and pure flavours. Nature is my main source of inspiration. We use fresh and varying products that are available in season as much as possible, preferably in the region. I always want to know the origin of our products and the people behind them. The Chocolatemakers fit that bill.

Florence van Limburg Stirum

“Chocolatemakers is for us the best chocolate we can find for our bakery. Not only the fairest chocolate, made from cacao beans transported in the most sustainable way, but also local and SO much flavor!

Tim Golsteijn

A good dessert starts with pure and honest Chocolatemakers chocolate, with which you can combine endlessly.