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Our ideals

We want to make the most delicious chocolate - it's all about taste! And we believe that pleasure should never come at the expense of people or nature. We are entrepreneurs, and we do business very consciously.
And what turns out to be the case? Our strong ideals actually contribute to better taste.
Pure organic ingredients, well-paid farmers who can take the time to harvest, dry and ferment, you can taste it all!

We produce in a truly sustainable way: on solar energy

The transparent roof of our factory is a very important part of our production process: it provides the (solar) energy with which we make our bars. We measure the environmental benefits with a solar app: last year, we saved 35,000 kg of CO2, which is the annual emission of 7 households.

What else do we do to minimise the impact on the environment?

  • Packaging made of fully compostable material.
  • No waste or energy is lost in the factory.
  • Fairtransport: some of our chocolate comes to the Netherlands by sailing ship.

It could not be more sustainable.

Food logic and cargo transport like the Schokofahrt: 200 cyclists come to pick up our chocolate to take it to supermarkets in Germany.

In fact, we are already working in an almost carbon-neutral way.

But it is our ambition to also reduce the CO2 footprint in transport and production to 0 kg CO2 per kg chocolate produced. To take the last step, we are investigating whether we can convert our surplus solar energy into hydrogen. Then the cocoa burner would no longer need to run on gas.

To be continued!

Solar App

We are on the way to 100% zero waste

In fact, we are already close to zero! This is how we do it:

  1. The factory runs 100% on solar energy.
  2. The packaging of the chocolate bars can go straight onto the compost heap.
  3. No energy or ingredient is lost in the production process:
  • The cocoa pods are processed in Yogi's cocoa tea
  • From the remaining cocoa powder we squeeze out the last drop of cocoa butter for use in lip balm.
  • The machines are mostly second-hand, refurbished or self-built.
  • We use the residual heat from the chocolate chamber to heat the factory.

Our ambition is Zero waste working by 2025

Our ideals

Zero Waste

Sustainable solar powered production

Direct cooperation with farmers

Nature conservation and biodiversity

Organic & Fairtrade