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WANTED: Process operator "Casting and Packaging"

Chocolatemakers is growing and we are looking for a Process Operator "Casting and Packaging" for our bean-to-bar chocolate production. Under the direction of the Production Manager, you will work with the production team to increase and improve our production capacity. Experience in food production is required, and experience in chocolate is desired. Main duties include independently molding and packaging all of our products: bars, drops, sails and specials. You will be responsible for starting up and closing the production lines, product registration and quality control.

What we offer:

We offer you a challenging full-time job in a production environment, where the quality of chocolate production is paramount. Our craft is unique in the Netherlands and we can teach you this in a young dynamic team, in which we bang, spar and are there for each other.

  • Full-time position (36 hours)
  • Annual contract
  • 8% vacation pay (Sweets collective bargaining agreement)
  • 100% public transportation reimbursement
  • Loon and conditions fall under the CLA Sweets and are market-based.

About Chocolatemakers

Chocolatemakers is a sustainable chocolate brand with a focus on farmers, climate and biodiversity. Since 2019, we have been producing solar-powered and emission-free at our factory in Amsterdam's Cocoa Harbour. Our factory is a lively place. Not only does it always smell like chocolate here, there is much more happening here. Once a year the sailing ship Tres Hombres brings our cocoa, twice a year hundreds of cyclists come from Germany to pick up our chocolate, and there are constantly guided tours where we tell people about our ideals and sustainable methods. Will you come work with us and help us build a better future?


Send your short motivation and resume to william@chocolatemakers.nl