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The visitable chocolate factory

Have you always wanted to take a look inside a real chocolate factory? Where everything is still made by yourself? At Amsterdam's cacaohaven there is a very special factory. A real chocolate factory, where everything from bean to bar is made in-house. Completely powered by solar energy! Come along and learn, smell and taste! You will learn all about our sustainable way of working, about the world of chocolate and about how that delicious taste is actually created.

We give tours in Dutch and English, book your time slot in the agenda. Also possible for companies and teams. We are looking forward to explaining you all about the interesting world of chocolate, and letting you taste it of course!

What can you expect from the approximately 90-minute tour?

  • Reception with a cup of tea and chocolate
  • We begin with a presentation on the world of chocolate, how Chocolatemakers works and the sustainable choices we have made throughout the cocoa chain.
  • Tour of the factory, past the machines where you will learn exactly how chocolate is made.
  • A tasting where we teach you how to taste chocolate



What is there to do?

Guided tours

From bean to bar. What does that mean? What work do farmers do and what do we do? More info

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Junior Chocolade Speurtocht

Op 29 November hebben we een bijzonder event voor kinderen tussen de 7 en 13 jaar. Boek een speurtocht door de fabriek, waar je alles leert over chocolade en aan het einde ben je een echt chocolademaker!
Prijs = €12,50 duur 1,5 uur
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Special Company Event

Het hele jaar door boeken bedrijven en teams graag de chocoladetour bij ons. Kom langs met je team leer van alles over duurzaam ondernemen en geniet van een origineel bedrijfsuitje op een bijzondere locatie.

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Contact us for options: 06-19932769 or tours@chocolatemakers.nl