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Always wanted to see a real chocolate factory from the inside? With us you can! We are the only chocolate factory in the Netherlands where you can see the whole process, from bean to bar. During the tour of our factory you will learn all about the production process of chocolate making. We take you into the world of Chocolatemakers and the bean to bar production line, but also tell you where our cocoa comes from and what we stand for as a brand. We will feel, smell and of course taste! A total Chocolatemakers experience at our factory!

Come for a guided tour of our factory and learn all about sustainable business. Come with your team and enjoy an original company outing at a special location.

We take you through our fully sustainable chocolate chain, from the farmer to the bar.

Contact us for the possibilities: 06-19932769 or experience@chocolatemakers.nl.


Good to know

Food and drink

Food is NOT allowed to be taken into the factory. You may bring a bottle of water. Of course, we will also provide drinks.


When entering the plant, jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces and watches are not allowed.


You will find the Chocolatemakers factory on the Radar road 32A.

OVThis is a 15-minute walk from Sloterdijk Station. From the main entrance, walk to the right towards Radarweg and follow it for about 1 kilometre until you see the Seamen's Centre on the left hand side of the road.
BicycleSuper if you come by bike! We have plenty of space on our grounds.
Car: If you come by car, there is limited parking space on our grounds.


You have to go up (and down) some stairs. So unfortunately it is not possible to visit the factory with a wheelchair.

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Guided tours

From bean to bar. What does that mean? What work do farmers do and what do we do? More info

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