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Emission-free transport, all the way to the shelf in the store! Twice a year, the Schokofahrt makes it possible. Read more here!

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Schokofahrt - after the sailing ship on the bicycle

Twice a year, hundreds of cargo bikes come to our factory from Germany to transport our chocolate completely emission-free to Germany - the Schokofahrt! The cocoa beans have already been transported emission-free with the sailing ship "Tres Hombres " from the Dominican Republic to the Netherlands. We turned them into delicious chocolate and German cyclists transported them by cargo bike to stores in Germany.

7 years of Schokofahrt

The first Schokofahrt was in spring 2017: 4 cyclists transported 60 kg of chocolate across the border to Germany. At the anniversary edition in 2021, this number will grow to over 250 cyclists, 35+ cities and no less than 3,000 kilos of chocolate! And all that on wind and muscle power. Curious what that looks like? Check out the review on the Schokofahrt website.

The story of the Tres Hombres bars

Emission-free to the shelf

What is the #Schokofahrt?

The Schokofahrt is a decentralised, private bicycle tour to transport chocolate emission-free from Amsterdam to various places in Germany. The aim is to stimulate sustainable mobility, CO2-neutral transport and conscious enjoyment. One idea, one goal! We do not pursue commercial goals, are non-profit and do not advertise specific products (except chocolate).


Wwho is the #Schokofahrt?

We are cyclists, active in various initiatives for (baking) bicycles, we like Slow Food, just like bicycle tours and we are involved in clubs for cycling and cycling. In short: a motley crew of enthusiastic cyclists who like good chocolate.

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