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Single Origin

It is generally known that we do not use aluminium foil, because aluminium foil is very polluting. But did you know that our packaging is 100% compostable? It can go straight onto the compost heap. No waste, that's what we like. And in this case, so does your garden.


A wrapper of plants

The outer wrapper is made of greaseproof paper printed with bio-ink. Our inner film, developed with Bio4PackOur inner wrapper, developed with the company Bio4Pack, is provided with a layer of cellulose film. This looks like plastic, but is made of cellulose, a plant material. The cellulose foil is laminated to the paper with compostable glue and can therefore be disposed of in the compost heap. It has a high barrier function, which allows the chocolate to be kept for a long time. The best-before date of the chocolate is about 12 months. Not a problem for us, because who doesn't eat a chocolate bar within a few days?


Zero Waste Policy
At Chocolatemakers, we pursue a Zero Waste policy. Our operations are based on minimising emissions and waste. We recycle and reuse materials throughout the supply chain and strive for local solutions. When designing new products and packaging, we also consider the possible reuse of raw materials after their life cycle. With our wrapper your (vegetable) garden can also enjoy the fact that you are eating chocolate. Now that's a win-win!