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165 cyclists drive 1,530 kg of chocolate from Amsterdam to Germany

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April 6th, 2022


On 16 April, 165 cyclists will ride from the Chocolatemakers' factory in Amsterdam to Germany to deliver 18,000 chocolate bars to German shopkeepers. 

This "Schokofahrt" is an initiative by German bicycle enthusiasts who, in this way, make Chocolatemakers' chocolate available in Germany. Nikolai Wystrychowski, initiator of the Schokofahrt from Münster: "We would like to contribute to the mission of Chocolatemakers to make the last part of their cocoa chain sustainable. It feels good to contribute in a positive way with our passion for cycling'.

The event normally takes place twice a year, but due to Corona it was in a different form the last two years. In April, the Amsterdam chocolate makers can finally welcome their German friends back to the factory. Once there, they load 18,000 kg of chocolate into their cargo bikes and drive back to Germany to deliver the special chocolate to 120 shops. The route varies from 230 km (Münster) to 1300 km (Vienna-Austria).

With the Schokofahrt, Chocolatemakers is forming its own unique chocolate chain that is sustainable from start to finish.We have realised a fully sustainable chocolate chain, from bean to bar. The beans (from the Dominican Republic) are sailed to Amsterdam on the sailing ship 'Tres Hombres' and we turn them into delicious chocolate in our own solar-powered factory in Amsterdam.

The Schokofahrt cyclists each organise their own bicycle tour in cooperation with shops in their city. In the end, they all meet here in Amsterdam at our factory.Everyone is excited to join in and be part of our adventure to make the whole cocoa chain sustainable. It is a beautiful story that everyone wants to be part of.

More info on www.chocolatemakers.nl and www.schokofahrt.de
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