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Hundreds of Germans cycle through Germany with Chocolatemakers chocolate

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April 21st, 2021

17,000 bars, 100 shops and 30 cities in Germany!
Once again, despite Corona, our Chocolatemakers bars throughout Germany. More than 150 cyclists are committed to a better world and cycle, sometimes in relays, the chocolate from Berlin to Munich.

This year, on behalf of Corona, we have set up two HUBS in Germany where cyclists can collect the chocolate. The chocolate was transported from Amsterdam to these HUBs by Aad de Wit Verhuizingen with electric vans, from the farmer to the consumer without using a single drop of fossil fuel.

It is our mission and also that of the Fairtransport with the sailing ship Tres Hombres and the many cyclists of the Schokofahrt in Germany who show that we can also make this clean chain true over long distances, from the Dominican Republic to Berlin. The amount of CO2 saved per bar has been calculated to be approximately 30g/bar.

Are we dreamers? Yes we are! And with this dream comes reality, here and now. On to the next dream: all our transport to be emission-free.

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