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Towards a 'Living Income' for cocoa farmers

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April 15th, 2017

The discussion about a fair price for cocoa farmers continues. Something that pleases us.

Following the reaction of frank&fair to our criticism of Fairtrade's "fair price" in the Parole past week, the newspaper today posts the explanation of our statement. (Earlier this week also on our website read). Fairtrade Netherlands also made themselves heard and came out with an extensive article to support their position around a fair price.

In it, they too affirm that the minimum price absolutely must be raised to a Living Income for cocoa farmers. Fortunately, we are in full agreement on that. The step to get there is not an easy one for Fairtrade. But to get there as soon as possible, we are certainly happy to think along with them! When it comes to sharing our experiences on establishing and implementing a Living Income, Fairtrade can absolutely count on us. And, of course, we'll keep you posted.

Happy Easter! Hopefully with an honest Easter egg included.

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