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Jesper (13) and Julian (14) build their own clean future

The Factory, Chocolatemakers


November 30th, 2018


Jesper and Julian, the sons of the founders of Chocolatemakers, marked the start of construction with the driving of the first pile. The new factory will have a transparent roof of solar panels and will be fully self-sufficient in energy. This makes the Chocolatemakers chocolate factory unique in the world.

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Solar panels

The special thing about this factory is that it will provide for its own energy needs by means of a fully transparent roof of solar panels. We use circular building materials as much as possible. And the Tres Hombres can moor directly at the factory.
With the sailing ship and our own power supply, we can make chocolate entirely on the power of nature.

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Port of Amsterdam

The factory will of course be in Amsterdam, the world's largest cocoa port and our home base. In cooperation with the Port of Amsterdam we have found a suitable location on the Radarweg Westelijk Havengebied. A beautiful location by the water, behind the Seamen's Centre.

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