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This part of the website a constant work in progress as we are always looking for more ways to do even better for people and planet. For example, by paying farmers in Congo a fair price, we are actively fighting deforestation. Deforestation of the Congo forests in which the very endangered mountain gorillas live. Because they are paid a liveable income, the farmers don't have to opt for deforestation and the cocoa trees offer a nice protection for the gorilla's living space. In Peru, together with the locals, we have built a chocolate factory to ensure that farmers there can make their own chocolate and be an active part of the cocoa chain. The Awajun tribe in Peru with which we work live from so-called "slash and burn" agriculture and have large areas in the rainforest under their management. As the population increases, the pressure on the rainforest increases and other sources of income are important for their survival.
Cocoa is a perfect alternative here, it requires so called shade-trees and can be planted in combination with other crops. It reduces the need for "slash and burn" agriculture, which can prevent the deforestation of the rainforest.