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The crowdfunding for the one and only chocolate factory is closed

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March 30th, 2015

The crowdfunding for the one and only chocolate factory is closed! And we can say that it has been an amazing success. More than 73,102 euros were invested, more than we had dared to dream. It's great to see that so many people are involved and are just as excited as we are about the realisation of a real chocolate factory.

We want to make more delicious, real chocolate and build a chocolate factory that you can visit. A place where everyone can come and see, feel, smell and experience the whole chocolate process, from bean to bar.

Crowdfunding was a logical step for us. "We can borrow money from big investors, but we believe much more in the power of the community. We like to share our success with all chocolate lovers and in this way remain as independent as possible".

We already have the place in Amsterdam, but we need more machines. A bigger burner, for example.
Ballroast (bean roaster)
This is a 1930s ballroast. We bought it a year ago. A fantastic machine and perfect for the factory, but we still have to get it to work. And the rest of the machines that go with it, too, of course.

Now we can get down to business and of course we look forward to welcoming you to the chocolate factory! This will be 2017....

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