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Saint comes by sailboat this year.

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October 23rd, 2023

Chocolatemakers comes out with the most sustainable Saint letters ever.

From the solar-powered factory in Amsterdam's Cocoa Harbour comes another innovation that pushes the boundaries of sustainability. Chocolatemakers is launching Sintletters for the first time this year. In line with their high standards of sustainability, the cocoa for these letters came to Amsterdam by sailing ship from the Dominican Republic. As if that were not enough, all three types of letters are completely vegan.

Taste is at the heart of the Amsterdam chocolate factory. Ten years of artisan experience and dedication mean that new and better flavors are constantly being created. Above all, the chocolate must be tasty; this is the only way to increase its impact. The recent IPCC report makes it clear: We can no longer afford to damage the crucial ecosystems of our planet. 

And companies can do much more to positively influence climate change. 

The market for Sinterkletters in the Netherlands is large, which is why the chocolate company chose to make an impact then when people snack the most: during the holidays. The letters come in three flavors: 65% dark, 40% vegan milk with Sinterklaas spices and golden white. As usual with Chocolatemakers, all the letters are 100% organic and available online and in organic supermarkets.

Every letter sold increases the impact and protects the rainforest, ensures that farmers are paid a living wage and protects our climate. The letters are also available for businesses as St. Nicholas gifts.

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