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New: Mini Gorillas!

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September 12th, 2017

They have been flying around the world for a while in a KLM blue jacket(#gorillasflyhigh), but as of now they are also available straight from our factory: mini Gorilla bars!

A sturdy, organic mini bar made of real chocolate. Just like its big brother, available in milk 37% & dark 68%. And the wrapper of these bars can go on the compost heap! The environment likes it too.

Special packaging
The packaging is made of fully vegetable material (just like the inner wrappers of our big bars). In collaboration with Bio4Packmade of cellulose paper and foil and printed with bio ink. After 6 months, the wrapper has completely degraded, just so you know. No waste!

With coffee
The mini gorillas do very well when serving a cup of good coffee or tea, but also during a business meeting or a good conversation at the coffee machine. Everywhere really. And, of course, also nice to give away as an extra.

Small note: they are only available for business customers for now, so not yet at home for the kitchen table....

About the Gorilla bar
Our 'Gorilla bars' are made from Forastero cocoa from the
Virunga National park in Congo.

Why the "Gorilla bar? Because the world's last mountain gorillas live in Virunga National Park. Their habitat is being encroached upon by humans. To combat this, cocoa has been planted on the edge of the park. This organic cocoa provides the inhabitants with income so that they do not threaten the gorillas' habitat through logging and poaching. By eating this chocolate, you protect the mountain gorillas and offer the people a better future!

The bars are packed in a box of 100. You can order via our webshop for professionals (login to your account or just create an account).

Enjoy your meal!


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