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First visitable chocolate factory of the Netherlands in largest cocoa port in the world!

The factory, Chocolatemakers, Norandino, emission-free


October 8th, 2019

Chocolatemakers makes strong chocolate from bean to bar 100% in-house


From left to right: Enver Loke (Chocolatemakers, founder), Santiago Paz Lopez (Norandino Peru farmers' cooperative, general manager), Rodney Nikkels (Chocolatemakers, founder)

5 October 2019 - Chocolatemakers today opened the Netherlands' first visitable chocolate factory in the world's largest cocoa port. All Chocolatemakers were together today to open the chocolate factory: hundreds of fans, professionals and the cyclists of the Schokofahrt who transport 2500 kilos of chocolate bars to Germany by bike. They could all come and taste and discover how chocolate is made.

"At the factory, you can see how èreal chocolate is made, from bean to bar. A bar of chocolate is not just something that rolls out of a factory; cocoa is a beautiful natural product. The circumstance in which a bean grows determines its taste. With time and craftsmanship, you can make a special, high-quality product that also contributes to a more beautiful world. Now everyone can come and experience that," say Rodney Nikkels (48) & Enver Loke (45), founders of Chocolatemakers. Starting in January, special tours will start on Friday afternoons that you can already sign up for on the website www.chocolatemakers.nl.


New bar 30% milk chocolate and coffee
During the opening, the new flavor that rolls off the line starting today was launched. A bar with 30% milk chocolate made from cocoa from Peru with a touch of coffee from a sustainable coöper- ation from Colombia. Santiago Paz Lopez, from farmer coöperation Norandino of Peru who made the cocoa for the new bar, unveiled the bar. "We have been working with Chocolatemakers since 2011 and share the same vision of artisanal, quality chocolate. In this bar you taste a very accessible, yet rich cocoa. We are proud of the product and to be here today.

Chocolatemakers searches worldwide for organic cocoa beans of exceptional quality. Just like a grape or a coffee bean, there are great differences in cocoa. The region and the circumstances in which the cocoa beans grow are reflected in the 8 varieties of chocolate bars, each with a unique, strong flavour. The chocolate is made from bean-to-bar according to the company's own recipe to which as little sugar as possible is added.

Sjakie and the...
Chocolate Factory of course. But that's not so natural anymore, where can you still find a chocolate factory where chocolate from bean to bar is completely homemade? When you control all the steps of chocolate making, you can call yourself a èreal chocolate maker finds Chocolatemakers. The factory is the most sustainable factory in the world with an entire solar panel roof that allows it to provide all of its own energy.

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