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New bar! Gorilla Bar 92% Extra Dark

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March 22nd, 2018

Do you dare to look this Silverback in the eye?
With 92% cocoa, this bar is extra dark, but we have made it super accessible.

The extra dark 92% bar is not only extra dark, but also extra special. The 92% Gorilla Bar is a fusion of two special projects. Thanks to these projects, both the habitat of the endangered Gorilla in Congo and the habitat of the Orangutan in Indonesia are protected.







To our Gorilla cacao we have added arenga* forest sugar from the project of the Masarang Foundation. This foundation protects the habitat of the Orangutan together with the local population by planting new forest and harvesting the arenga forest sugar. Check masarang.nl, or watch the TEDTalk below, really great!

*Arengaforest sugar is sugar from the sugar palm (not to be confused with the destructive oil palm!), a healthier alternative to ordinary sugar.


Product Information

The 'Gorilla bar' extra dark is made from Forastero cocoa beans from the Virunga National Park, Congo. The chocolate contains 92% cocoa solids, including 82% cocoa mass and 10% cocoa butter, 8% arenga forest sugar. All ingredients are from organic cultivation. The bar weighs 80 grams and is wrapped in greaseproof paper printed with organic ink. This chocolate is guaranteed not to contain (traces of) peanuts or nuts.


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Masarang Foundation

What does Masarang Foundation do exactly? Willie Smits explains it in this inspiring video. We love this!


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