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The making of... Chocolatemakers Lecture package

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April 24th, 2017

As you may have already seen, Chocolatemakers has had a real Essay package. This beautiful package was created by Juf Suze de Wit together with student Amber van Rossum (11 years old at the time). Meanwhile, several speaking engagements have already been held by students! But how did this it actually started and what is it like to make such a package? We talked about this last week with Suze and Amber at the factory.

How it all began
In the spring of 2015, Suze visited Chocolatemakers' factory in Amsterdam North with group 6 of De Kleine Reus elementary school. "It was a treat to be shown around all the steps in the production process in the delicious smells of chocolate.We wereable to follow all the steps: from bean to bar".

A special package
Back at school, the idea arose from the children to create a book about Chocolatemakers. After a few weeks there was a beautiful book in which all the steps of chocolate making were described and illustrated in detail. This book was presented as a gift to Enver Loke (co-founder of Chocolatemakers) who was very touched. And this made it clear to Suze and Enver: we want to do more with education.

The first step: creating a speaking package. And not just any information package, but a special package made by a teacher together with a student! Below, Suze and Amber explain how it was done.

Striking illustrations
Suze: Amber's illustrations in the book immediately caught the eye of both Enver and me: sharp lines, sleek yet playful and above all, strikingly individual. So it didn't take us long to decide that we wanted to ask her for the illustrations.

Amber: I really liked the idea of making the drawings, but I had to discuss it with my parents first.

Suze: Fortunately, it was allowed. After considerable negotiations with Amber about the number of chocolate bars she would receive as compensation, she set to work. The most beautiful drawings were put on the table.






Amber: Suze gave me a list of things to draw. Some drawings I tried 5 times before I thought they were good enough.

Suze: I didn't even know that! I have always only seen the impressive end result.

Amber: What I liked best was picking up things from the factory and drawing them. In the end, I think the drawing of the cocoa tree and the sailing boat turned out best.

The cooperation between teacher and pupil
Suze: I found it very nice and special to do, but sometimes it was also difficult. I doubted whether I asked too much of Amber. Then I needed a drawing and I had to bother her again. Fortunately, her parents approved of her doing this. Together, we achieved such a beautiful result. I am very proud of Amber.

Amber: It was a lot of drawings, there were also classmates who wanted to help me.

Suze: At one point, I didn't dare ask Amber for more drawings, so I made a few myself, like the front. I had to work in Amber's style... I think her drawings turned out better than mine.

Amber: In the end it was quite a lot. Especially a lot of chocolate 🙂

Suze: Together with Joep van der Made, the graphic designer of Chocolatemakers, Amber's drawings have been processed into one whole. This made it a really cool presentation package. You can keep looking at it, there is always something new to discover.





In the future
Amber: I really like drawing. My father is also a good drawer. But actually I want to become an interior designer.

Suze: Really? I would love it if you became an artist.

(Of course, we immediately asked Amber if she had any ideas for the factory...)

Amber: Yes! I would make a better seating area though.... And a different colour on the walls. The atmosphere a bit more industrial, with brown/grey and yellow lamps. Then it would be a bit more cosy.

Amber: I think the best thing is that everything is done with old machines and that you really do it all yourselves. But I do have one more idea for your chocolate: a little more milk in the bar, I find that tastes better.

Would you also like to give a talk about chocolate making and how Chocolatemakers do it? Then take a look here to download it for FREE. Or here To order it in a package. Then, in addition to a printed handbook, you will be sent cocoa beans, nibs, a hairnet and chocolate.

Will you let us know how your speaking engagement went? (like LouLou from Little Giant Elementary School below). For example, use #speechchocolatemakers or #speechchocolate on social media. We like that!

Group 8 of teacher Suze has given feedback on the presentation package (in exchange for chocolate of course). Thank you very much!

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